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EECS 149/249A Lectures (subject to change)

Lecture Date Topic Deliverable(s)
0 8/28 Cyber-Physical Systems and Introduction to the Course (ASV)  
1a 9/2 Sensors and Actuators (EAL)  
1b 9/4 Memory Architectures (EAL)  
2a 9/9 Interfacing to Sensors and Actuators (EAL)  
2b 9/11 Interrupts (EAL) HW 1 due
3a 9/16 Guest Lecture on Embedded Vision (Jeff Bier)  
3b 9/18 Model-Based Design (ASV)  
4a 9/23 Modeling Modal Behavior (ASV)  
4b9/25 Extended and Timed Automata (ASV) HW 2 due
5a 9/30 Composition of State Machines (EAL)  
5b 10/2 Hierarchical State Machines (see also Projects) (EAL)  
6a 10/7 Comparing State Machines (ASV)  
6b 10/9 Specification; Temporal Logic (ASV) HW 3 due
7a 10/14 Reachability Analysis (ASV)  
7b 10/16 Guest Lecture: Using Temporal Logic in Autograders (Alexandre Donze) HW 4 due
8a 10/21 Multitasking (EAL) Project Charter due
8b 10/23 Operating Systems, Microkernels, and Scheduling (EAL)  
9a 10/28 Scheduling Anomalies (EAL) HW 5 due
9b 10/30 MIDTERM 1 in Class MIDTERM 1 in Class
10a 11/4 Synchronous/Reactive Models (ASV)  
10b 11/6 Execution Time Analysis (EAL)  
11a 11/11 HOLIDAY HW 6 due Wednesday Nov. 12
11b 11/13 Dataflow Models (EAL)  
12a 11/18 Time-Triggered Models and Discrete Simulation (ASV) Project Mini Updates: In Lab sessions
12c 11/20 Networking (EAL) Project Mini Updates: In Lab sessions
CyberSim survey due
13a 11/25 Guest lecture on Brain-Machine Interfaces (Jose Carmena) HW 7 due, Project Milestone Update Report due
13b 11/27 HOLIDAY  
14a 12/2 Course Wrapup (EAL) HW 8 due, not to turn in.
14b 12/4 MIDTERM 2  
  12/8 NO CLASS: Reading week. Recommended browsing: Additional Topics:
Security for Embedded Systems
More Concurrency Models
Fault Tolerance
Controller Synthesis
Time-Triggered Models
Distributed Embedded Systems in an Automotive Context (CAN and FlexRay)
Network Time Synchronization with IEEE 1588
Hybrid Systems - Part II: Timed Automata
Mixed Signal Models
Simulation Strategies for Discrete Models
  12/17 Project Presentations, Wednesday, December 17, 8AM-3PM, 105 Northgate (with spillover 3-5PM at location TBD) Project Presentations
  12/19   Project reports due at 12 noon (Pacific)

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