capecode - IoT Modeling environment

CapeCode is a development environment and host for applications that use accessors, described at accessors.org. CapeCode provides a block diagram editor for prototyping IoT applications and code generators for deploying those applications on other accessor hosts.

CapeCode is a configuration of Ptolemy II. You will need the latest version in the SVN repository, not the latest release. To download Ptolemy II and CapeCode, see the ptexternal web page. Once you have downloaded and built Ptolemy II, invoke


to start the visual editor with the CapeCode configuration. CapeCode has the convenient feature that it automatically imports all the accessors at http://accessors.org and makes them available in an actor library to drag and drop into applications. The splash screen has links to a few demos.

For a tutorial on Ptolemy II, see the Ptolemy Book (a free download).


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