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Welcome to the chess FAQ.

Getting started on the website.
This FAQ section covers matters of interest to new users of the website.
Online Conference Registration
This section is about the online system for registering attendees for conferences and workshops being held by Chess.
Contact Information and Directions
Information about how to contact Chess and directions to the Chess offices.
Questions about the forums and FAQs
Questions and answers about forums and FAQs: what they are and how to use them.
Managing Group Mailing Lists
Information about how to manage group mailing lists.
How does the main page get updated?
The best way to update the main page is to send email to the website administrators. The main page can be updated by key personnel who are administrators of the workgroup that corresponds to the site. To become an administrator for the workgroup, send email to: www@site(www at chess eecs berkeley edu) If you are a member of the administrator workgroup, then there will be an ' update' link at the bottom of the page that will update the page and a 'Help' link that discusses how to check out the website.
Editing group pages, and other forms of rocket science
Information on how to set up and edit group home pages, and other advanced features of the site.
Adding and updating publications
Information about adding and updating publications.
Information about Downloads
Bug handling
Details about the bugzilla bug handling facility.
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