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Embedded Systems Consortium for Hybrid and Embedded Research
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Title Embedded Systems Consortium for Hybrid and Embedded Research
Summary Manage the UC Berkeley ESCHER Effort
Description Escher LogoEmbedded Software and Systems technology is of strategic importance for a wide range of industrial sectors such as defense, aerospace, automotive, medical devices and manufacturing automation. Embedded systems provide an increasingly dominant portion of the added value and are the primary source of competitive advantage. In order to facilitate the rapid and effective transitioning of emerging embedded systems and software technology to industry and to facilitate the access of high quality research software and tools for the research community, we have initiated the establishment of an industry/government consortium called the Embedded Systems Consortium for Hybrid and Embedded Research (ESCHER).

ESCHER is currently incubated at Vanderbilt University as a unit of ISIS (http://escher.isis.vanderbilt.edu/) with the intention of spinning off an open, nonprofit corporation (501(c)(3)) in the near future. ESCHER develops and integrates a national infrastructure required for promoting the creation, transition, integration and maturation of open tools and technologies that enable predictable and controllable development of trustworthy embedded systems. The key components of this technical infrastructure are the following:

  1. ESCHER web site at http://www.escherinstitute.org/, which provides structured access to the ESCHER repository.
  2. Quality controlled ESCHER Repository, which includes services for content management and navigation.
  3. Quality monitoring and reporting tools.
The incubation year of ESCHER is co-funded by NSF ($300K), DARPA ($300K), Boeing ($250K), GM ($250K) and Raytheon ($250K).

Membership in the Chess ESCHER workgroup is currently limited to ESCHER personnel at UC Berkeley and Vanderbildt.

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Administrators Christopher Brooks cxh cxh@eecs.berkeley.edu
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J. Mikael Eklund eklund
Edward A. Lee eal
Shankar Sastry sastry
Jonathan Sprinkle ee_doright sprinkle@ECE.Arizona.Edu
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