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Groups that Shankar Sastry is involved in  
As member ActionWebs: Networked embedded sensor-rich systems actionwebs (Home page)
actionwebs participants local to UC Berkeley actionwebslocal (Home page)
Autonomous Ground Vehicle agv (Home page)
BioHybrid Control bhc (Home page)
Certification Technologies for Flight Critical Systems certafcs (Home page)
Chess Sponsors and Researchers who attend reviews chess (Home page)
Chess staff chessadmin (Home page)
Chess participants local to UC Berkeley chesslocal (Home page)
DARPA Grand Challenge Team dgc3 (Home page)
DARPA Grand Challenge Executive Committee dgc3exec (Home page)
Chess Board of Directors directors (Home page)
Embedded Systems Consortium for Hybrid and Embedded Research escher (Home page)
Human-in-the-Loop Verification Reading Group hilv (Home page)
Hybrid Systems Toolbox hyper (Home page)
The Micro Autonomous Systems and Technology (MAST) Consortium mast (Home page)
NSF Engineering Research Center nsferc (Home page)
Principled Abstractions Study Group pa (Home page)
Chess Presenter presenters (Home page)
Chess participants in the Summer Undergraduate Program in Engineering Research at Berkeley-Information Technology (SUPERB-IT) superb (Home page)
Volkswagen/CHESS Interactions vw (Home page)
As guest Industrial Advisory Board iab (Home page)
Researchers researchers (Home page)
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