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Ptolemy II External Developers Group
Group information  
Group name ptexternal
Title Ptolemy II External Developers Group
Summary Offsite Ptolemy II Developers
Description This group is for Ptolemy II developers who want cvs access to the Ptolemy II and Vergil sources.

At this time, we are giving access only to people with whom we have a working relationship of some sort, such as sponsors. There are a number of reasons for this, but the two key one are:

  • Each person accessing our tree (even internally) creates an additional support burden for the development team, and limits our ability to experiment aggressively. It is too easy to break some aspect of the system. This is why we do software releases. In a software release, all (or most) of the functionality has been tested.
  • We view software distribution as a form of publication. Our reputation rests on our publications, and much of what is in the cvs repository is not ready to be published. We cannot have copies of half-completed code proliferating with our names on it. How will people recognize what code is finished and what is not?
  • Group type Software project Special interest group Administrative group
    People involved in this group  
    Administrators Christopher Brooks cxh cxh@eecs.berkeley.edu
    Name hidden by user marys@eecs.berkeley.edu
    Members Iman Ahmadi imanahmadi
    Erol Akarsu, PhD eakarsu_33
    Ilge Akkaya ilgeakkaya ilgea@eecs.berkeley.edu
    Kevin Albers kalbers
    Yousef Alsaeed yalsaeed
    Ilkay Altintas altintas
    Hugo Andrade andrade
    James R. Armstrong, PhD jrarm
    Stephen Arnold stephen.arnold
    Vincent Arnould waks
    Christine Avanessians cavanessians
    Viswanath B Viswanath
    David F. Bacon bacon
    hugues balp hbalp
    Name hidden by user
    Derik Barseghian barseghian
    Andrew Baxter andrew.baxter
    Moez Ben Hajhmida moez
    Luis Bermudez bermudez bermudez
    Viraj Bhat vbhat
    Shuvra S. Bhattacharyya ssb
    Ashwini Bijwe abijwe
    Frédéric Boulanger boulange
    Matthew Brooke, Ph.D. brooke
    Christopher Brooks cxh cxh@eecs.berkeley.edu
    Dai Bui buidai
    Robert Bui robertbui
    Janette Cardoso janette.cardoso janette.cardoso@isae-supaero.fr
    Name hidden by user
    Zhongning Chen zhongning
    Eric Chiu eric
    Shirley Cohen scohen
    Daniel Crawl crawl
    Name hidden by user
    Patricia Derler patricia.derler
    Collaboratory Ecoinformatics fvilla
    Zach Ezzel zezzel
    Terry Filiba tfiliba
    Paul Fishwick fishwick
    Name hidden by user
    Tobin Fricke tobin
    Cole Getzler jackr67
    Lev Greenberg levg
    Frank Gruetzmacher Frank.Gruetzmacher frank.gruetzmacher@tu-ilmenau,de
    Zhijie Guan guan
    Gilles Guerassimoff gillesg
    Murat Guler mguler
    Liangpeng Guo glp
    Nicholas Haasch haasch
    Siyuan He siyuanhe
    Name hidden by user
    Daniel Higgins higgins higgins@nceas.ucsb.edu
    Douglas Hoffman doug0106
    Lyle C. Holsinger, Jr. maxhols
    Kostadin Ilov kilov
    Dirk Jacobs, Dhr. dirkjacobs
    Efrat Jaeger-Frank efrat
    Stan Jefferson stj
    Jeff C. Jensen jeffcjensen
    Ivan Jeukens ijeukens
    Rowland R Johnson rowland-johnson
    Matt Jones jones
    Amy L. Karns amy.l.karns
    Fuat Keceli keceli
    Zoltan Kemenczy, P Eng zkemenczy
    Tony Kennedy kennedyad
    Vishal Khandelwal vishalk
    Hokeun Kim hkim
    Jim Kleckner, PhD kleckner
    Dong-Ik Ko dongik
    Name hidden by user
    Matthew Koecher koechemr
    Jagan kommineni, Ph.D kommineni
    T. John Koo, Ph.D. koo
    Werner Krebs, Ph.D. wkrebs
    Gilles Lasnier Gilles.LASNIER
    Long Le longle1
    Dan Leary dll
    David Chun-Keung Lee dalee
    Edward A. Lee eal
    Ben Leinfelder leinfelder
    Darren Liccardo darrenl
    Ben Lickly blickly
    Marten Lohstroh marten
    William Lucas wlc
    Jozsef Ludvig, Dr. rer. nat. ludvig
    Chuck Lutz CDLLMMS2
    Dan Lynch d
    Nandita Mangal nmangal
    Slobodan Matic matic
    David Mc Guinness mcguinnessdave
    Timothy McPhillips, Ph.D. tmcphillips
    Nicolas Meledo meledo
    mike mendis mmendis
    John G. Michopoulos, Ph.D. johnm
    Andrew Mihal mihal
    Mana Mirzae manmi478
    Ian Mitchell mitchell
    Pierre Mouallem pmouall
    Mohammad Mozumdar mohammad.mozumdar mostafizur.mozumdar@gmail.com
    Wolfgang Mueller wmueller
    Andras Nadas nadand
    Vinayak Nagpal vnagpal
    Sriram Narasimhan nsriram
    Stephen Neuendorffer, PhD neuendor
    Thierry Nouidui tsnouidui
    Mark Oliver moliver
    Name hidden by user
    Jose Oyola joseoyola
    Name hidden by user
    Deana Pennington penningt
    Eloi Pereira eloi
    Linh Thi Xuan Phan linhphan
    Name hidden by user
    Name hidden by user drichards@ieee.org
    Bert Rodiers bert.rodiers
    Larry Rohrbough lrohrbough
    Gianvito Rossi g.rossi
    Carlos Rueda carueda
    Beth Savoy savoyes
    Aaron T Schultz atschultz
    Mainak Sen mainak
    Shahrooz Shahparnia shahrooz shahrooz@umd.edu
    Chris Shaver shaver shaver@eecs.berkeley.edu
    Sean Simmons SSimmons
    Neil Smyth nsmyth
    Miro Spoenemann msp
    Giridhar Sreenivas gsreeniv
    Fabian Stahnke fabian.stahnke
    Name hidden by user marys@eecs.berkeley.edu
    Wibke Sudholt sudholt
    Welson Sun, Ph.D. welson_sun
    jing tao jtao
    Ankush Varma ankush
    Naren Vasanad narenvasanad
    David Vieglais vieglais
    Wenjiao Wang wenjiaow
    Yuke Wang yuke
    Benjamin Warlick bwarlick
    Xavier Warzee warzee
    Armin Wasicek awasicek arminw@berkeley.edu
    Yosinori Watanabe watanabe
    Jennifer Eyre White jennifer_eyre
    Edward D Willink, PhD willink
    Linda Wills lindawills
    Mike Wirthlin wirthlin
    Xiaowen Xin xiaowen
    James Yang weather_machine
    Paul Yang mjpablo23
    Ben Zhang nebgnahz
    Jianting Zhang, Ph.D. jzhang
    Rong Zhang rzhang
    lizhi zhong lczhong
    Yihong Zhu zhuy
    Jia Zou jiazou
    Guests Dennis Geurts dennisg
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