Under Mac OS X, an alternative to using the svn command line is to use svnX

Set up the repository

1. Download svnx and run it 2. In SvnX, create a new Repo by doing Window -> Repositories 3. In the SvnX Repository Window, click on the + and enter

  • Name: The name of the repo, can be anything by typically is the name of the svn repo
  • Path: Remove the svn:// and replace it with the http://... for the repo. The various websites have a link at the bottom for a help page for updating. For Ptolemy II, see
  • User: Your user name on the svn server. For people with UCB EECS LDAP accounts, this will be your user name. For people without UCB EECS LDAP accounts who are accessing repos on, this will be your email address, including the @ sign and the domain name, for example
  • Password: Your password

4. Double Click on the entry in the Repositories window, this will bring up the Repository Window (see below), which will access the repository (it may take a few minutes)

5. In the Repository Window, click on Checkout. A file browser appears. Browse to the Documents folder, click on New Folder, create a folder with the same name and click Checkout. This checks a working copy of the tree and brings up a Working Copies window with the new repository.

Creating the new folder
About to hit the Checkout button

6. In the Working Copies window, click on the working copy, in this case, ptweb:

Select the working copy, in this case ptweb

7. A browser for the ptweb working copy comes up. If necessary, click on the list icon below the close button in the upper left:

Click on the left most-menu above the View text
The ptweb working directory

8. To edit a file, click on the blue bar to the left of the file name. If TextEdit renders the HTML instead of showing the HTML source, then in TextEdit, select Preferences, then the Open and Save Tab and check "Display HTML files as HTML code instead of formatted text" and then close the preferences window

9. Make your changes, save the file, then in the svnX working directory window, highlight the file and click on the Commit icon at the top of the window.

10. If the repo is a website, then go to the website and update the website by clicking on the Update link at the bottom.

Making changes after setting up.

After doing the above set up steps, to make a change:

1. Start up svnX

2. Window -> Working Copies

3. Select your working copy by double clicking, the working copy window opens up

4. Important: Hit the update button to get any changes that someone else may have made in the interim

5. Then, edit your file and commit as above.